Sun 50 Grant Winner

We are proud to have won a Sun 50 grant, celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Visit to see more on the campaign and learn a little more about some of the winners.”


Highland and Islands Blood Bikes, a charity which couriers vital medical supplies and samples free of
charge for the NHS, has been successful in being awarded a £10,000 grant from the national
newspaper The Sun, from its SUN50 Fund.
HAIBB are an independent local charity, serving the Highland and Islands area, and are one of many
such charities forming part of a larger Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes across the UK. All
funds raised keep the charity operating, with 100% volunteers and 100% free, serving NHS Highland
and the local community. The charity, in its operational infancy, has been mainly transporting
COVID19 samples in recent weeks and has been running 14 hour shifts per day.
Ross Sharp, President of HAIBB, states “We are new to this, we only went live this year and when I
seen the fund was looking for recipients I applied, you never know! Then COVID19 came along and
everything changed, we were about to have a launch event and it was cancelled, we have a
fundraising team ready to be out and about and they are staying at home, approaching local
business for sponsorship when most businesses are closed makes it really difficult. To this we add
we had sourced two fully specked and liveried motorcycles, kindly given by another Blood Bike
group on the basis we could pay for them when we had the money. We were so conscious that the
bikes needed paid for, as its unfair on the other Blood Bike group who could also be struggling, then
I got the news! To receive this money and be able to put aside this debt means everything for us, we
can look forward, the financial forecasts were beginning to look worrying at a time when we were
busier beyond our initial predictions helping the NHS at a time like this. We are proud to have won a
Sun 50 grant, it’s about celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we are just a group
of ordinary people doing what we see as good thing for our community.”
HAIBB also operate a loan motorcycle and some volunteers use their own bikes, the riders will
always be identified by their distinctive BLOOD vests and the bikes will also carry distinctive UN3373
BLOOD boxes on them.
Mr Sharp continues, “If you see our riders out doing their bit please give them a wave and give them
some space, they are doing it for free, free to our NHS.”

Contacts: Ross Sharp, President HAIBB 

Mark McGinty, HAIBB Publicity, M: 07793975916, E:

President Ross Sharp



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